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There is no doubt that Bitdefender is an all-round antivirus. It protects your device from different kinds of threats. However, sometimes it can lead to some serious issues, which includes slowing down the system, conflicting with other applications, and many more.

In such a condition, uninstalling Bitdefender can be a good choice for you specifically on Windows 10. Hence, if you want to know how to uninstall Bitdefender, then this article is perfect for you.

In this post, we have described all the easy ways to complete the uninstallation process.

Here is How to Uninstall Bitdefender in Windows 10

Have a glance at these easy and effective steps in order to resolve your all queries.

Common Hacks to Uninstall Bitdefender

Before proceeding to solutions that involve utilizing removal tools, let’s try some generic steps.

Step 1

First, you have to reboot your computer in the Safe mode. Then, press the Windows and ‘I’ keys together to open the Settings. 

Once the Settings window opens, choose the ‘Update & Security’ option. From there, navigate to the Recovery option and go to the Advanced tab.

Here, choose the Restart button. Once your computer has been successfully rebooted, choose the Troubleshoot option. Furthermore, tap on the Advanced button.

The next thing that you should do is to Startup Settings and again click on Restart. Once your computer reboots, multiple options will pop up on the screen. Now, start your computer in the Safe Mode by pressing the 4 key or F4 button.

Alternatively, you can press the 5 or F5 key to open the PC in Safe Mode with Networking. You can select this option if you want to use the Internet. Afterward, proceed to the next step.

Step 2

Now, you have to quite all the processes of the BitDefender antivirus. So, press the Ctrl, Alt and Delt keys simultaneously to open the Windows Task Manager. 

Within the Task Manager, choose the target process of the Bitdefender Antivirus. Furthermore, tap the ‘End Task’ option to close the program.

Step 3

Next, to uninstall the BitDefender, you have to launch the ‘Apps & Features’. To do so, right-click on the Start menu and choose ‘Apps & Features’ menu. 

Then, locate the BitDefender Antivirus and choose ‘Uninstall’. Again click on ‘Uninstall’ to confirm the changes.

Now, two options will appear on the display. They are, ‘I want to reinstall it’ and ‘ I want to permanently remove it’. Select the option as per your requirement and tap the Next button to continue. 

Wait for the uninstallation process to complete and reboot your computer.

Uninstall BitDefender Using Built-in Tool

Several users also claimed that with the help of the System’s built-in tool, they quickly resolved the situation. This is an easy solution and you should try it.

In order to apply the method, first, move to the Control Panel and then click on the ‘Add/ Remove Programs’ button.

Next, wait for the BitDefender software to display on the screen. Then, select it and tap on ‘Remove’.

You may have to wait for a while for uninstalling Bitdefender, as depending on the file size the uninstall process might take some time. Once done, reboot your computer and you can overcome the situation easily.

Use an Uninstallation Tool

If you are not comfortable with the above methods, then we advise you to download a BitDefender uninstaller tool. 

After downloading it, navigate to the location where you have downloaded the tool and run it. After some time, the uninstaller tool will show up on the display. Furthermore, tap on the ‘Uninstall’ button. 

Wait until the tool displays a confirmation message that the uninstall process is completed. Then, reboot the machine and check whether Bitdefender has been uninstalled completely.

Wrapping Up

As already discussed in the introduction part, due to BitDefender you can face several issues. So, it is better to uninstall the corrupted version and reinstall a fresh copy. 

We believe, with the help of the above solutions you will surely understand how to uninstall BitDefender. If you want more articles related to this topic, then visit our website regularly.