How To Disable AVG? A Comprehensive Guide

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AVG is an anti-virus software that helps to protect the system from malicious files and virus attacks. However, you might be trying to install a file that is harmless but due to AVG protocols you cannot. Hence, uninstalling becomes an option for you. 

Regardless of the reason, this guide consists of steps that you can implement if you want to know how to disable AVG from the system.

Methods on How to Disable AVG on Windows OS?

In this section, you will come across mainly two ways that can be applied to disable AVG. First, is temporarily, and the second is permanent. However, there are sub-steps under these two contents that you must follow:

Disable AVG Temporarily

AVG has an option where you can pause the functions of any specific shield that is working in AVG rather than disabling each shield all at once. Here’s what to do:

  • First, you need to launch the AVG application by clicking on the AVG icon. 
  • Then, launch the “AVG Protection” from Program in Windows. Click on the “Settings’ option and then go to “Components”. 
  • Now, locate all the shields that you would like to turn off and then disable the switcher to the off button. 
  • Upon doing so, you will be asked for a time period which you need to set (either 10 minutes, an hour or permanently). It is advisable to choose the “1-hour” option as you can get everything else done in an hour. 

However, if you need more time, then you can follow up on the same procedure after an hour and then extend the time period to another hour or so. 

Disable AVG Permanently

This action means to turn off all the shields, which implies the entire AVG software will be inactive. To do that, follow these steps:

  • First, locate the AVG icon on the bottom right panel of the taskbar menu and then right-click on the AVG icon. 
  • Among the list of options, select the “Protection Enabled” option and then switch it off. 
  • Now, a confirmation box will appear asking if you want to continue despite the possibility of receiving a malware attack. 
  • Make sure that you are logged into the system as an administrator before you apply this method, otherwise, you will be unable to confirm the action. 

How to Disable AVG on Mac OS?

In case you were wondering how to disable AVG on the Mac Operating system then here’s all that you need to know about how to turn off AVG. Before you can proceed to uninstall it, you will need to first quit all background running applications. 

Solution 1: Disable AVG using Launchpad

First, you need to open the “Launchpad” setting and then type “AVG antivirus” in the blank field of the search bar. Now simply, click on it and hold it until the app detaches i.e starts wiggling. 

As you will see an “X” option, click on it and then hit the “Delete” button. This action itself with uninstall the application without you having to move it to the trash section manually. 

However, if you manually downloaded the software from an online site then you need to follow the next solution written below

Solution 2: Move AVG to the Trash Section

To move the AVG file to the trash section, follow the steps stated below:

  • Launch the “Finder” option and then on the right-side panel, locate and click on the option that says “Application”. 
  • A list of all the applications will show up among which, locate the AVG antivirus. 
  • Then, select and drag the icon of the application to the trash section that is located on the bottom right menu. 
  • Now, hover the mouse on the “Trash” option and then by right-clicking on it, select the “Empty Trash” option. However, be careful of mistakenly selecting any other application along with the AVG, as the method is irreversible. 

If the click and drag option does not work then you can also uninstall the AVG antivirus software by right-clicking on it and then choosing the option that says “Move To Trash”. 

Solution 3: Use the In-Built Uninstaller

You can also use the in-built function to uninstall the application by simply doing the following:

  • First, click on the AVG antivirus icon and launch it. Then, from the “Menu” option, locate and select the option that says “Uninstall AVG Antivirus”. 
  • Now, click on the “Continue” button and then the uninstallation will start. When the uninstallation is done, you would need to restart the system and check if the option has worked out for you. 

However, if these options were not helpful and did not help you to uninstall the application then simply go into safe mode and then try uninstalling the application. 


Hopefully, this article served your purpose in solving the problem of uninstalling AVG Antivirus. These solutions might come useful to you in the future in other aspects too. However, additionally, you can place your queries in the comment section.