Get Antivirus for Your Chromebook & Stay Protected

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Threats of the cybercrime world are nowadays looming everywhere. Mobile devices, computers, and other devices eventually fall prey to the hijackers. That is why people search for the best antivirus to protect their system. Now, a question crops up for the Chromebook users, whether they need any antivirus or not.

The answer is Yes, all the users of the Chromebook need an antivirus in order to secure their system. Chrome Operating System is a bit different from all the other OS. It has the special ability to execute any application that you want to run in the device. 

Why does Chromebook need an Antivirus?

Chromebook’s Operating System executes each and every application in its sandbox. A sandbox is a temporary place created by the processor. Whenever you try to open any application, first it goes into the sandbox, then the app opens. Moreover, the sandbox prevents the programs from making changes in your system. 

A great approach, isn’t it? But, this doesn’t mean that your Chromebook is absolutely safe. The Chromebook might keep out all types of viruses, but it’s not at all immune to the phishing attacks, spyware infections, and breaching of data. That is why your Chromebook needs an antivirus to protect your vital information. 

How can the Chromebook get affected?

Your Chromebook can get easily affected by several fake Google Chrome extensions, malicious android applications, phishing websites, malicious trackers, and unprotected WiFi. But, owing to all the high-quality antivirus software, they will help you to protect your Chromebook. 

Chromebook can install applications from the Google Play Store. In addition to that, you can also install other third-party applications. However, Google PlayStore is not 100% safe. 

Google tries its best to keep all the malicious applications away, but they are not fully successful at it. These fake applications can do real damage to your Chromebook by stealing your files and browsing data. The algorithm of Google tries its best to keep all the malicious apps away. But, somehow the attackers always find a way to bypass it. 

How can you keep your Chromebook Safe?

There are several antivirus programs that will help you to keep your Chromebook safe. They are Total AV, Norton mobile security, Bitdefender mobile security, and many more. Only installing the antivirus software won’t make your Chromebook secure. You also have to follow certain methods. Let’s learn about them one by one. 

  1. Upgrade to New Chromebook

Google has stopped supporting its old Chromebooks many years ago. If you are having an old Chromebook, then you will not get any software updates as well as security updates. So, a much better idea will be you get a new Chromebook and give a rest to your old one, once and for all. 

  1. Don’t Download Apps apart from Play Store

When you are willing to download an important app, you see that it is free on particular websites. Believe it or not, it is a trap. Never download any application from any third-party website. Always download it from the PlayStore. Moreover, in the PlayStore, when you choose an app, make sure you read all the comments, view the ratings, and then download it. 

  1. Always turn off the Developer Mode

Unless you just use the Chromebook for your personal purposes, you have to keep in mind that you are not a developer. You must disable this Developer mode for using the device normally. The Developer mode creates a major vulnerability in the system. This will allow all the hackers to penetrate into the Chromebook. Thus, all security protections will be lost. While installing any application, if it asks you to enable the Developer mode for the installation, then be sure the app is absolutely trustworthy. Get help from the IT Security Solutions in Dubai for securing your data fully.