McAfee Real Time Scanning Keeps Turning Off windows10 [RESOLVED]

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For many users, the McAfee Real Time Scanning keeps turning off and they do not know how to resolve it. As we all know, McAfee keeps the file secure from malware and virus attacks. Thus when it keeps turning off, the system stays at risk.

Although the causes may vary, users signify that they encounter it due to poor internet connection, any malicious infiltration or multiple antivirus programs in one system. 

Besides it causes, let’s take a brief look into some of the methods by which one should be able to resolve this issue easily. 

What to Do If McAfee Real Time Scanning Keeps Turning Off on Windows 10?

Before trying any solutions, we recommend you to reboot your system once and check whether the error disappears or not However, if the issue persists, then follow any of the solutions that are given below and implement them accordingly.

Solution 1: Disable any Additional Network Connection

The entire situation can occur if you have any network connection enabled other than the already connected one. Here are the steps by which you should be able to do so:

  • At first, go to Start and then Control Panel.
  • Click on “Network and Internet” and then “Network and Sharing Center”.
  • Within the left hand side column, click on the “Change Adapter Settings”.
  • After doing so, you will be able to see a list of network connections. Right click on Local Area Connection or Wireless Connection and then click on Disable. 

Solution 2: Perform a System Restore

By performing a system restore, your system will be taken back to the time where McAfee had no issues. Thus, follow the steps given below to start a system restore on your system.

  • Go to Start and then Control Panel.
  • Click on System and Security> System. Again, click on the System protection link located on the left.
  • Once the System Properties window appears, click on System Restore button.
  • When you see the Restore System Files and Settings window, click on the Next option.
  • Choose the restore point and click on Next. Now, confirm the restore point and click on the Finish option.
  • When prompted with a question stating “Once started, System Restore cannot be interrupted. Do you want to continue?”, click on Yes.
  • This will start the system restore process for you. Once the process gets completed and the system restarts, check whether the issue is resolved or not.

Solution 3: Try the “oas-disabled-fix.cmd” Utility

Apart from that, you can also resolve this error by using the “oas-disabled-fix.cmd” utility. Here is how you can download and use it:

  • At first, reach the official website of the product and then look for the utility. Once you notice it, make sure to download and save it. 
  • After downloading, click on it and follow all the on screen instructions.
  • Lastly, click on Run to execute it on your system.

Solution 4: Use McAfee Virtual Technician Tool

Another way by which you can easily resolve this error is by downloading the McAfee Virtual Technician Tool.

All you have to do is navigate to their official website and look for the tool. After that, download and save it on your system and then install the file by following the instructions appearing on your screen. 

Once the tool scans for any problems within the system it will show two options accordingly.This involves Autofix and Get More Detail.

Autofix allows the tool to resolve the issues within your system and you can use it by selecting it and clicking on the Next option.

On the other hand the “Get More Detail” option is used to provide a better insight of the problem and fixes related to it accordingly.

Solution 5: Remove any Third Party Security Program

Any other third party antivirus software can interrupt and thus turn off the real time scanning for McAfee. Thus, to get rid of it, you can try following the steps given in the below order

  • At first, press both the Window+R keys together to invoke the run window.
  • Within the run window, type appwiz.cpl and then press the Enter button.
  • Next, you will be able to see the complete list of programs installed on your system.
  • Look for the third party security program that you want to remove and right click on it. Now, click on Uninstall option.
  • Uninstall the security program by following the on screen instructions appearing on the uninstallation wizard.

Solution 6: Check for Updates

There are also chances of confronting this issue if McAfee is outdated. Thus, to resolve such scenarios, you can try checking for any updates by following the steps given below:

  • First of all, double click on McAfee and then go to the protection status section of the Home Page.
  • Click on Updates>Check for updates.

On an alternative note, just right click on the McAfee icon and select the check for updates option.

Solution 7: Use the Security Center

Besides the solutions listed above, you can also try using the security center to get rid of this error. Here is how you can do so:

  • Go to Verizon Internet Security within the McAfee window and open it.
  • Click on the Navigation button and then on Real Time Scanning option. Again, click on Turn On.
  • Navigate to the primary Security Center page and check whether Real-Time Scanning is active or not.
  • Lastly, click on Close.

So these were some of the solutions by which you should be able to resolve situations where McAfee keeps turning off for you.