[Solved] Avg Web Tuneup Won’t Uninstall Error

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October 29, 2019
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Avg web tuneup won’t uninstall can be a big issue on several Windows 10 users. You search on the internet, you will see there are many complained about it.

Facing difficulties while uninstalling the Avg Web Tuneup? And don’t have any idea how to remove it from the browser. Don’t worry as this passage might work as a savior to you.

In this post, we have explained the details information to assist you to complete the uninstall process. Read the content till the end and choose the approach that you would like to take.

Avg Web Tuneup Won’t Uninstall Windows 10: Solutions to Fix

Now, have a glance at the remaining part in order to fix this AVG web tuneup failing to install problem in a flicker of time. 

Solution 1- Restart your Machine

Restart your Machine

This is the first solution that you can try to fix the issue. Many times this solution works for the users. Applying this solution is very easy. 

First, shut down your device, then wait for sometimes and again turn on your computer. After that, try to uninstall the Avg Web Tuneup.

 If you successfully do so, then your job is over. Otherwise, move to the next solution.

Solution 2- Uninstall the Avg Web Tuneup Via the Control Panel

Uninstall the Avg Web Tuneup Via the Control Panel

When you have installed a new program on your computer, the program is automatically added to the Programs and Features. Now, what to do when you want to uninstall the program.

Simply, go to the Programs and Features section to uninstall it. Hence, when you want to uninstall the Avg Web Tune, then at first, press the Windows and X keys simultaneously to open the Win X menu.

Now, a list of installed applications will appear on the display. From there, find out the AVG Web Tuneup. Once you find it, then select it. Click on the Uninstall option to start the uninstall process.

Wait until the procedure gets completed. After completion, check the status of the issue. However, if you fail to eliminate the flaw this time as well, then here is another alternative at your rescue.

Solution 3- Uninstall the Avg Web Tuneup Through the Uninstaller.exc

Uninstall the Avg Web Tuneup Through the Uninstaller.exc

If the above solutions are not workable for you, then we advise you to follow this solution. Most of the computers have an executable file named uninstaller,.exc. You will see these files within the Installation folder of the Avg Web Tuneup. 

For that, at first, you need to move to the installation folder of the AVG Web Tuneup. After that, locate the uninstall.exc. The next thing that you should do is to double-click on the Uninstaller and follow the online instructions to complete the process.

Once complete, then restart the computer and if the error still persists, then look at the next solution.

Solution 4- Use the System Restore

Use the System Restore

System Restore is an inbuilt feature that comes up with the Windows Operating System and allows the computer to roll back to a restore point where no problem occurs. 

Hence, you can use the System Restore to restore the computer and completely remove unwanted software like Avg Web Tuneup. 

However, before applying this solution, you should keep a backup of your important data and files. Next, follow the given directions.

  1. At first, you should close all the programs that are opened. 
  2. Next, move to the Desktop and right-click on the Computer and choose Properties from the available menu.
  3. Now the System Window will appear on the screen. Afterward, go to the left side of the System Window and tap on the System Protection option.
  4. Furthermore, click on the System Restore and now you will able to see the System Restore window.
  5. In addition, mark the box beside the ‘Choose a different restore point’ option. Then, click on Next. 
  6. Further, choose a date and time from the list and tap on the Next button. After that, click on Finish when you see the ‘Confirm your restore point’ window.
  7. Hit the Enter key to confirm the changes.

Then, again reboot the system to check if the issue has been resolved or not.

Solution 5- Use the Registry Editor

Use the Registry Editor

Before applying this solution, it is strongly recommended to keep a backup. As if you lost important data and files, then it will be very difficult to restore the data. 

Once you have successfully done so, then open the Run dialog box and enter ‘regedit’ in the input field. Now, the Registry Editor presenting a new window. 

Afterward, go to the left side of the window and drop down until you see the registry key named Avg Web Tuneup. Thereafter, right-click on it and choose the Delete button.

You will be asked to confirm the key detection request. Click on Yes to permanently uninstall the Avg Web Tuneup.

Solution 6- Uninstall the Avg Web Tuneup Via the Task Manager

Uninstall the Avg Web Tuneup Via the Task Manager

Millions of users have reported the same error. They have also complained that by using the Task Manager, they will easily overcome it. 

Now, to apply this solution, first of all, press and hold the Ctrl, Delt and Alt keys simultaneously on the keyboard to open the Task Manager. 

Within the Task Manager, find out the Application tab and ensure that the program is not running. Furthermore, move to the Processor tab and its related ones.

However, if you are still unlucky, then give the next solution a try to fix the error.

Solution 7- Use a Third-party Software

However, there is no guarantee that the manual uninstallation will unable to fix the issue. Also, it creates too many useless files that might slow your system. 

In this case, it is suggested to uninstall the Avg Web Tuneup with a trusted third-party uninstaller software that can scan the system. Recognize all the Avg Web Tuneup and remove them completely. 

What about the files and data that have been created by this utility? In such a scenario, check out the below section.

Remove the Avg Web Tuneup Leftovers

First, go to the Start menu. From there, open the Control Panel. After that, select the Folder option and then choose the View Tab option.

Afterward, go to the Advanced Settings and tick on the box beside the ‘Show hidden files and folders’ option. Then, press the Enter key. Next, tap on the ‘this PC on the Desktop’ to open the File Explorer. Alternatively, you can press the Windows and E keys together to open the File Explorer.

Then, enter AVG Web Tuneup within the search bar and wait for a few seconds. From the available results, identify the Avg Web Tuneup leftovers and remove them permanently.

Final Words

So, these are the whole manual process that you need to perform in order to fix the Avg Web Tuneup won’t uninstall error. Now, if you face any problem while applying the solutions, then don’t waste your time and get an expert’s help to permanently remove this error.