How To Fix Avast Error Code 4 (Effective Troubleshooting Ways)

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November 16, 2019
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For most of the Avast users, the Avast error code 4 is one of the common technical problems. There are several reasons for this error. 

At the time of scanning, most of the users are facing this error message. One of the main reasons is the predated Avast antivirus files on your PC. If bccavsvc is not able to communicate with aswbcc service the error occurs.

If you are facing this technical issue, then take help from the below lines. From the lines, you can learn the most effective ways to get rid of it instantly. 

Effective Solutions to Fix the Avast Error Code 4 

Here are the solutions that will help you to fix Avast business boot scan error code 4 problems. So, try them to fix the error.

Solution 1: Uninstall The Avast Software

Uninstall The Avast Software

At the time of the scanning if you face the avast error code 4 then you definitely need to uninstall the Avast software. It will help you to fix this problem. To uninstall the Avast Software you have to perform the following. 

  • At first, launch the Control Panel window and then select the Uninstall a program option. 
  • After that, you have to locate the software (Avast antivirus) that you want to uninstall. 
  • Thereafter, just right-click on the software. Then click on Uninstall. 
  • In the end, just select the Uninstall option. After that, you need to check if the problem is resolved or not.

Solution 2: Update the Windows Version 

Update the Windows Version 

If the above solution can’t help you to fix Avast an error occurred during this scan error code 4 problem, then you need to try this solution. Update your Windows Version to fix the problem. Follow these steps. 

  • At first, you have to go to the Settings window. Press the Windows key along with the letter I key for it.
  • Under Settings, you will find the Update and Security option, click on it. After doing that, just go to the Windows Update option. 
  • Now you have to click on “Check for Updates”, the scan will be started instantly. If any update is available then just install them. Follow the displaying instruction for that.
  • When the update procedure is completed reboot your PC. After the restarting procedure is completed then check if the problem has resolved or not. 

To know another solution of how to fix Avast error code 4, read the below instruction.

Solution 3: Run the SFC scan

Run the SFC scan

It needs to mention that the System File Checker scan helps a lot to resolve the damaged system files issue. You can say it is a free benefit which helps you to fix it automatically. 

For that, here are the steps that you need to perform properly and also carefully. 

Step 1: At first, you have to click on the start button. 

Step 2: After that, in the search box type the command CMD

Step 3: Then you should right-click on the “CMD” option. Thereafter, select the “Run as administrator” option. 

Step 4: In the next step just type the below-mentioned command in the Command Prompt. 

sfc /scannow 

Step 5: In the end, after entering the command from your keyboard you have to press the Enter button. 

After applying all of these steps hopefully, you will be able to fix the Avast error code 4 problems. 

Solution 4: Use The Safe Mode And Start Again The Computer System 

Use The Safe Mode And Start Again The Computer System 

After trying all the above solutions if you are unable to fix this problem then you must try this one. In this method to fix the problem, you need to utilize the Safe Mode of the Windows features. 

In your system to run the Safe Mode, you have to perform the steps which we mentioned below. Carefully and properly follow all our instructions. Thus not only you can fix this problem but also you can save your valuable time. 

  • At first, you have to go to the Start option. 
  • After that, type MSCONFIG. 
  • Then you have to click on the Boot tab. 
  • Thereafter, from the booting options, you have to select Safe boot.
  • After finishing all the instructions which we mentioned above. Then just click on Network and then the OK button, to apply. Hopefully, your problem is solved now. 


If you are a tech-savvy person then you can perform these steps effortlessly. After applying these steps manually you will be able to fix Avast error code 4. If you have any queries then state that through the comment section below.