Panda Antivirus Customer Support

Panda Antivirus is one of the leading names when it comes to Antivirus security. The same holds true for their Panda Antivirus customer support as well.

Panda Customer Support

They’ve got one of the best support portals if and when compared to other Antivirus solutions out there.

Before starting on the journey of contacting Panda Antivirus customer support, let’s aim at solving some of the most common Panda Antivirus questions, and if your questions aren’t included, in that case you can move on to the next section of contacting them.

Unable to find Activation Code?

One of the most common problems with Panda Antivirus security is that you might have a hard time trying to find the activation code.

It’s the code used to authenticate your purchase and is two sets of numbers and letters. So where to find them?

  • On the CD-Rom:

    If you purchased the Antivirus offline, you should check the CD-Rom packaging (the interior of the case) for the key.

  • Online Purchase: 

    If you bought it online, you should have received it via E-mail.

    Error 9-906 Occurring:

It’s one of the most common errors with Panda Antivirus and occurs during product activation.

It occurs because the product you’re trying to activate has already been activated the maximum number of times.

The solution to the problem is, to simply log in to your Panda account (or create a new one), click on “My Products” button and then finally on “Release”.

Done, now activate your product again and it’ll be activated.

How to Contact Panda Antivirus Customer Support?

  • There are numerous ways to contact them, first of all, head over to the official contact page.
  • Now it’ll prompt you to chose if you’re a home user or a business user. Make your choice.Panda customer support
  • And then click on “E-mail us” button.panda customer support
  • On the next page, simply fill in the form with required details, and send it off. They’ll get back to you.panda customer support

How to Contact Panda Antivirus Customer Support on Phone?

Here are their official contact numbers for different countries:-

  • USA-18442557356
  • UK-08081692282
  • Canada-18442515807

Contact them on the Forum:

You can also reach them on their official forum, which is monitored and responded not only by users around the Globe but also a representative from Panda Antivirus customer service as the moderator.

Reach them on Twitter:

And considering how social media is sky-rocketing, Panda has taken special measures to make sure you can reach them in the all the possible ways.

So if nothing seems to be working in your favor. Just tweet them at

They usually reply within hours on their handle.

Final Words:

So that’s how you get Panda Antivirus customer service folks. Hope you found your solution.

If not, feel free to let me know via Contact Us page and I’ll try my best to help you out. Also in the meantime, do make sure to enlighten us if you’re aware of other ways to get in touch with Panda Antivirus Customer Support.