BitDefender Customer Support

BitDefender is a 2001 Romanian Online and Offline antivirus developer company. Compared to all the other Antivirus companies we’ve either worked with, talked about, or reviewed, BitDefender honestly has one of the best customer service options. They provide support with different modes like BitDefender Customer Support via Phone, Chat Support, and E-mail Support.

BitDefender Customer Support

This clearly goes on to show and state their seriousness for their product, because how a company treats its customers “after” a product has been sold says a lot about the company.

We would dig deeper into how to contact BitDefender Customer Support, but first why not try and answer some of the most common questions arising with BitDefender antivirus? There’s a chance that your problem gets solved here and now!

  1. BitDefender online scanner not working with windows Vista?

This question pops up on a regular basis with the BitDefender antivirus. The reason Online scanner doesn’t work normally with Windows vista is because it requires somewhat custom/special privileges in order to do so.

So make sure:

  • You have administrative privileges.
  • You’re running Internet explorer with Administrative privileges.
  • The security setting or Internet explorer are set to “Medium/high” or less.

Once you comply to the above requirements, BitDefender would run seamlessly on your Windows vista as well.

  1. My personal files are regularly showing as “infected”.

This is something I personally encountered so have a first-hand experience of.  We all encrypt and password-protect our personal files with third-party tools and encryption methods.

Now to BitDefender, it appears as if that third-party tool has encrypted our files without our permission. That’s the reason it marks those files as infected.

Although it’s nothing to worry about, just because it says they are infected doesn’t make them so, as long as you know and validate that those are the same files you encrypted manually.

How to Contact BitDefender Customer Support?

Contact  BitDefender Customer Support via Phone:

The easiest and most used method to contact any company’s customer portal is always the phone, isn’t it?

Well you can ring them a bell at: 00 40 31 620 4235

Contact them via E-mail:

In order to contact BitDefender customer service via E-mail, click here to reach their contact us page and fill out the displayed form.

BitDefender Customer Support

Once you let them know the product you’re talking about and all the other details, they’ll get back to you via the E-mail ID you provide them within 24-48 hours.

Contact them  via Live-Chat:

Live-chat is another hassle-free way to get in touch with BitDefender Customer Support.

To do so, again click on the link mentioned in the above section ( and click on the “Chat” icon.

BitDefender Customer Support

Then from the pop-up choose the “type” of support you’d like to receive, and click on “Ask live”.

Bitdefender customer support

Instantly a chat-box is displayed, and you can get your questions solved by a Bitdefender customer service representative.

Final Words:

So that’s a wrap up as far as contacting BitDefender Customer Support is concerned folks, hope this piece helped.

If it didn’t, or couldn’t, leave a comment in the comments section and we would try our best to help you out.